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Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for Android


Download Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for Android

Download Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for Android Free

Download and Review Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for Android SoftWithApps

Download Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for Android with different Quality

Download Soroush Messenger Plus 4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush Messenger for

Introduction to the collective request of you users!

Soroush Messenger v4.8.18 - Iranian Soroush messenger application for Android tablets and phones
The original and official version with more than 5 million users from all over Iran
your request

In a world where technology is advancing day by day, we see an increase in networks and many people install them for fun. But a certain number of these messengers are always noticed and can attract the attention of thousands or even millions of people. For years, Iranian developers have been trying to keep pace with technology and provide users with modern facilities; These efforts have also led to the emergence of powerful domestic messengers. Soroush Messenger It is a popular domestic and Iranian messenger for Android, which was published by Soroush Media Technology Development Company (Sada ve Sima), and at your request, its latest update is in front of you. In order to provide better and easier services, this quality messenger tries to provide various facilities to Iranian users and other people around the world. Every type of facility you expect from a foreign messenger is available in this startup, to the point where you can even call your friends by voice. Stay in touch with your friends and experience happy moments by joining different groups. Perhaps one of the best advantages of Soroush is its internal servers, so that outsiders do not have access to user information and all messages are sent and received in the shortest possible time! You must have noticed that all the messengers that use the voice call system mention the title of free in their descriptions, which does not mean using the Internet, but means not having to pay for your host operator; But you should know that in Sorush, any kind of , including sending and receiving messages or any kind of call, is completely free, which is one of the biggest features of this program. Soroush's user interface is also very simple and elegantly designed, which helps you communicate with others without any confusion.

Some features and capabilities of the Soroush Messenger Android program:

  • Communicate with more than 5 million users completely free
  • Free voice calls without reducing the internet volume
  • Create different groups and channels to share information
  • Cloud servers without any volume limitations
  • Access to your information on different operating systems
  • High security in protecting user information
  • Ancillary services such as service, charging, paying bills, etc.
  • Intelligent support system to solve the problem of users of this messenger
  • Send any file to your friends or acquaintances
  • The possibility of participating in various contests and surveys
  • Access to hundreds of beautiful and tasty stickers
  • Ability to comment and like posts
  • Send a report to the channel manager with just one hint
  • Telegram bot for easy migration and transfer of channel information in Telegram to Sorush
  • Great user interface without any complications

application Soroush Messenger By benefiting from its special facilities and capabilities, it has been able to attract more than 5 million users, which you can download from the website by getting its latest original and official version. Farsurid Join this Iranian family and experience unlimited and free access to messengers.

Attention : From the download box of Farsroid; Download and install one of the available installation files according to your mobile processor.

  • Changes in version 4.8.18

    • Fixing the problem of uploading files larger than 500 MB
    • Fixed some minor issues

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